Returning Control of Our Personal Data – Hurrah for CCPA

Published On: December 10, 2018Categories: Blog

Things have got to change. Thankfully, CCPA is here, combined with to help you apply it.

Back in 2014, when I knew how to snag an upgrade from my local Enterprise Car Rental, I would get the most phenomenal upgrades – and would regularly receive very fast cars. On one such occasion, I was caught speeding (hands up – I deserved it) by a police officer and was given a ticket. What happened next absolutely stunned me and would change my course in life, and hopefully the course of history.

I received no less than nine letters from lawyers offering to represent me to oppose the police. Nine letters! I understand there are all sorts of public access laws – which I get, but I started becoming a little obsessed about how my information was being used. However, like everyone else, I was resigned to the fact that I couldn’t control it.

Whether it be the purveyors of online activities, salesman, re-sellers – many people had access to my personal information, which I had never agreed to. But like everyone else I just let it go.

Then CCPA happened. We see a lot of negativity surrounding CCPA, but the truth is, it’s a good thing. This is something that benefits us all. CISOs don’t want to be called by some ambitious sales person that is using their number from a list. None of us want that. Re-sellers, marketing companies, and everyone that has your name illegally are suddenly scared. Finally, there needs to be true accountability for the information they hold.

To help the citizen gain control over his personal information, we are helping companies control their handling of it better – with FULL discovery, mapping, and flow automation. We formed to deal with the problem that is on everyone’s mind, which is finding out what is actually happening with their private information. We realize that using questionnaires has one huge problem. You don’t know what you don’t know. How can an organization report on what’s happening if they don’t actually know what’s happening?

Using proven technologies, is accomplishing the impossible. We discover, map and track personal data flow within the organization. Using this, organizations can see how this information is being stored, processed and shared; wherever, whenever and with whomever.

CCPA is there to protect us. is here to turn their vision into a reality.

Not sure we can do much about ambulance chasers though…