PRweb: Launches Portuguese Version of Solution to Help Enterprises Comply with LGPD

Published On: August 6, 2019Categories: News, the leading provider of data and privacy management control solutions, announced today the general availability of a Portuguese version of its solution designed to help companies around the world doing business in Brazil comply with the country’s data protection regulation, Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD).

Enacted in 2018, LGPD – like GPDR and other data protection regulations – applies across industries to any individual or organization, private or public, collecting or processing personal data in Brazil, or intending to offer goods or services to individuals in Brazil. A business collecting or processing personal data does not need to be headquartered or have a physical location in Brazil for the LGPD to apply. Non-compliance with the LGPD can result in fines of up to two percent of a company’s net income derived from Brazil or 50 million reais (approximately $13 million) per infraction. was developed specifically to help enterprises around the world meet the ever-changing challenges presented by data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and now LGPD,” said Mark Wellins, CCO, “The Portuguese version of our solution has the same features and functionality as the standard version only presented in Portuguese with linguistic support specific to LGPD requirements. This not only enables businesses with interests in Brazil to gain a comprehensive view of their LGPD risks and take control over their personal data, but also save them time and money by automating many activities associated with LGPD compliance.”

The LGPD regulates the collection and use of personal data or information relating to an identified or identifiable person in digital and non-digital forms. It also regulates data relating to ethnicity, religion, politics, sexual orientation, and genetic or biometric data. Like GDPR, the LGPD regulates the natural or legal entities who decide how and why to collect and process personal data (controllers) and the entities who process the data according to the controller’s instructions (processors). As of now, businesses have until August 2020 to come into compliance with the LGPD.

“LGPD presents a serious compliance challenge for any and all companies doing business in Brazil or planning to do business there,” said Rafael Sampaio, Country Manager EtekNovared, a business channel partner for in Brazil. “ provides companies with an intuitive, easy to use solution that not only operates in Portuguese, but also understands the unique nuances and differences in the language and its associated forms of PII.” is the first automated privacy control and management solution that takes a network approach, providing unparalleled visibility, granularity and accuracy without the need for any resource-intensive configuration requirements. Whether data is structured or unstructured, at rest or in motion, and even if unknown to the enterprise, offers a near real-time view of the risk associated with personal data storage, processing and sharing throughout an organization. also has its RSA Ready certification with RSA Archer® Suite, offering mutual customers a network-based approach to discovery, mapping and tracking of personal data flow.

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