Maximizing Operational Efficiency and Sensitive Data Protection with Inventa 3.6

Published On: September 6, 2023Categories: Blog

Today’s business environment presents a formidable range of data management challenges—from compliance hurdles and operational inefficiencies to serious security risks. These challenges arise not just from the sheer volume of data, but also the diversity of data—whether it’s structured or unstructured data, stored on-site or in the cloud. These issues impact more than data privacy; they penetrate the very core of an organization’s operations, obstructing decision-making and increasing business risk, particularly when sensitive data is at stake.

Our latest release, Inventa 3.6, focuses on reducing these vulnerabilities by enabling proactive security measures rather than just reactive responses.

“In today’s complex cybersecurity landscape, rapid detection and immediate action on sensitive data is critical. Inventa 3.6 is not just another tool—it’s a game-changer in IT and security operations. If your goal is rapid, informed decisions and reduced overhead, Inventa 3.6 delivers.”n—Zak Rubinstein, CEO and Cofounder of

Introducing Inventa 3.6: Closing the Gap in Sensitive Data Protection

While traditional security solutions react to data vulnerabilities, they often leave a significant window of opportunity open for data breaches. This “vulnerability window”—the period between the identification of sensitive data and the moment it’s secured—has long been a prime opportunity for data breaches.

Inventa 3.6 changes this by offering proactive, automated data protection. It does more than identify sensitive data; it automates the data’s immediate protection. By seamlessly orchestrating security, governance, and compliance tasks the moment sensitive data is discovered, Inventa 3.6 shortens the window of vulnerability for data. This agile approach enhances cybersecurity processes, operational efficiency, and decision-making while simplifying compliance.

Maximizing Operational Efficiency and Sensitive Data Protection with Inventa 3.6

Proactive Data Protection: What Sets Inventa 3.6 Apart

Inventa 3.6 equips your data security and governance teams with enhanced granularity, flexibility, and control over your entire data ecosystem. The release introduces new features like intelligent integrations, which trigger immediate protective actions, and broadens data source coverage. Additionally, it offers advanced data visibility and management capabilities that enable in-depth insights into data ownership, classification levels, and the time-value of data.

New capabilities include:

1.  Automated Workflows: Where Speed Meets Accuracy. In today’s fast-paced business environment, Inventa 3.6’s automation is a game-changer. When sensitive data is detected, Inventa orchestrates automated workflows. Your security team can move from data identification to action almost instantly, reducing both risks and workload.

2. Intelligent Integrations: From Discovery to Action. Inventa 3.6’s integration with ServiceNow and Titaniam goes beyond just “linking systems.” These integrations are intelligently designed to ensure that only significant issues prompt ticket creation, allowing your staff to focus on high-priority tasks. This improved resource allocation can boost your team’s operational efficiency.

 3. Enhanced Data Clarity and Control. Inventa 3.6 makes navigating complex data easy. It quickly          shows you who owns what data, automatically protects sensitive information, and streamlines compliance, reducing risks along the way.

4. Advanced Data Management: Master Your Data Universe. With features like Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Network Map Export, businesses gain fine-grained control over their data. This granularity is crucial for compliance with various data protection laws, reducing both legal risks and potential fines.

5. Customizability: Adaptable to Your Unique Business Needs. Customization is often overlooked but is vital for operational coherence. Inventa 3.6 allows for logical grouping of diverse data sources and offers visualization of intricate data relationships. This not only accelerates issue resolution but also helps align the data management strategy more closely with business objectives.

Let’s explore Inventa 3.6’s new capabilities in detail.

Intelligent Integrations: From Discovery to Action

In today’s data-rich landscape, manual methods fall short. Inventa 3.6 integrates intelligently with platforms like ServiceNow and Titaniam, making data protection and governance more efficient. Instead of manual and error-prone steps, Inventa 3.6 starts immediate remediation processes when sensitive data is found, cutting down vulnerability time. These smart integrations enhance data visibility, reduce lag time, and decrease the risk of human error, offering a comprehensive, automated shield against data risks.

Streamlined Workflows via ServiceNow Integration

Customers often ask, “What happens after you find sensitive data?” Inventa 3.6 answers this question by triggering a ServiceNow ticket automatically upon detecting sensitive data, speeding up the response time. Before Inventa 3.6, sensitive data discoveries typically required manual follow-ups or could even go unnoticed. Our new ServiceNow integration ensures rapid and accurate issue resolution.

  • Intelligent Ticketing to Prioritize IT Workload. Inventa 3.6’s ServiceNow integration isn’t just basic—it’s advanced, with threshold-based ticketing that avoids overwhelming your IT team with trivial matters. This allows you to set a sensitivity level for alerts, eliminating “alert fatigue” and making your security measures more effective.
  • Two-Way CMDB Integration. Inventa 3.6 doesn’t just sync with ServiceNow; it fully integrates with the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for a mutual data exchange. This dual interaction enriches both your Inventa master catalog and ServiceNow’s CMDB, reducing manual input and enhancing data management across platforms.

Immediate Data Protection via Titaniam Integration

Data security is more than just detection; it’s about rapid action. This is where our integration with Titaniam kicks in. Inventa 3.6, through its Titaniam integration, encrypts unprotected sensitive data the moment it’s discovered. This cuts the vulnerability window to nearly zero and shifts the focus from merely identifying issues to immediately resolving them, adding an extra, automated layer of security.

Extended Data Source Coverage

One of the challenges in a rapidly evolving tech environment is ensuring your security solution keeps pace with the multitude of platforms your business utilizes. Inventa 3.6 addresses this by extending support to emerging and popular platforms like Dropbox, Slack, Microsoft CosmoDB, CockroachDB, and Hive. This ensures you don’t have to compromise security for adaptability, offering you visibility and control across a wide range of operational platforms. The result? A more resilient, agile, and secure enterprise, empowered by a solution that doesn’t just find sensitive data, but actively protects it.

Enhanced Data Clarity and Control

Navigating the modern data landscape is like navigating a labyrinth; it’s complex, full of dead-ends, and requires strategic planning. With Inventa 3.6, you get a guided tour. From data owners to data value, from classification labels to security protocols, we’ve optimized each element for faster decision-making and robust risk management.

Zero in on Data Ownership

When you’re in a maze of data, knowing who holds the map is invaluable. Inventa 3.6 pinpoints not just the department but also the job title of the data owner, when possible. Imagine a data discrepancy surfaces: rather than being stuck in an endless loop of inquiries, your Security Admin can go straight to the source.

Time-Stamped Data for Effective Governance

We understand that data isn’t static; it has a life cycle. While some information, like Personal Health Records, has a virtually endless utility, other types, such as short-term credit card numbers, do not. That’s where our Time Value of Data feature comes into play. Assign expiration dates to your data, streamline your retention policies, and shrink your attack surface area.

Sensitivity Labels: Customization Meets Automation

Standard data classifications are often too broad to be useful, yet customization can be time-consuming. Inventa 3.6 lets you have the best of both worlds. Choose from built-in labels or construct your custom tags to classify your data, whether it’s ‘Top Secret’ financials or ‘RED’ for repositories containing Social Security Numbers. Even better? When a data element scores 7 or higher on the sensitivity scale, the system initiates automatic encryption.

Advanced Data Management: Master Your Data Universe

In today’s digital age, managing your data efficiently is as crucial as generating revenue. Inventa 3.6 redefines data management with a trio of enhanced features—Enhanced Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Network Map Export, and strategic data deprecation capabilities—that together minimize risk, optimize operational flows, and even help you save on costs.

Precision Security with Enhanced RBAC

When it comes to security, broad strokes just won’t cut it. Inventa 3.6 elevates access control by integrating 11 distinct roles into the product, allowing for nuanced and secure access management. This refined approach ensures only authorized personnel gain access to the sensitive data they need to do their jobs, creating a fortress around your most valuable digital assets.

Visualize and Safeguard Data Flows with Network Map Export

Ever wish you could have a bird’s-eye view of how your data moves and interacts? The Network Map Export feature transforms this wish into a reality. Export intricate data maps into user-friendly formats like CSV, XLS, or JSON. This feature accomplishes two significant objectives:

    • Provides a holistic view of your data nodes and their interactions, ensuring that sensitive information flows in a safe and logical manner.
    • Offers insights into real-time data protection protocols, like whether TLS or SSL is in use, thus identifying any weak links in your security chain.

Realize Tangible Cost-Savings Through Intelligent Data Deprecation

Effective data management transcends mere protection—it’s also about efficient data usage and storage. With Inventa 3.6, you don’t just store data; you store it smartly. Inventa 3.6 lets you set expiration dates for time-sensitive data, thereby reducing storage needs and associated costs. By recognizing data that’s outlived its usefulness and safely deprecating it, companies can significantly slash both risks and storage costs. To put it in perspective, our customers report an average annual savings of $200,000 on storage costs alone.

Webinar: Unlock the Power of Inventa 3.6

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