IBM and announce a breakthrough solution to increase value for GDP customers with IBM Secu

Published On: October 25, 2022Categories: Blog in partnership with IBM Security, are pleased to announce the upcoming release details for IBM Security Discover and Classify (ISDC) version 3.0 powered by’s Inventa which is the market’s first dedicated discovery and classification solution for important sensitive data. ISDC is a major step in the joint vision to create the world’s greatest discovery and classification tool with precise sensitive data intelligence that feeds existing security investments to minimize business impact and enhance overall security and privacy.

Key features for V3.0

  1. Tight integration with Guardium Data Protection (GDP) Automation for Group/Object creation and updating, Action-oriented Dashboards, greatly improved data element discovery for GDP.
  2. Discovery and Classification support for non-PII sensitive data elements
  3. Re-design of product interface with separate workflows for Security and Privacy/Governance use cases
  4. Introduction of MVS-based pricing, aligning with GDP install base licensing approach. (UVU option will remain – think repository pricing vs. enterprise pricing)
  5. Simplified Deployment with .ISO files – ability to stand up an instance in a matter of minutes, simplifying POVs
  6. Improved Security – Encryption built into entire platform to secure the data catalog

One key feature to elaborate on is the integration with Guardium Data Protection. Today, GDP can do classification for structured data using Regex and keywords, which are two main methods of classification in any product. ISDC compliments that approach by also using Functions and Dictionaries in conjunction with AI/ML approaches to classify not only at the schema or table but down into the field/record and actual data element. Similarly, ISDC provides classification for unstructured and semi-structured data.

Similarly, there is a workflow integration to automate the creation of Groups and Objects into GDP. The slide below shows the workflow where 1) GDP sends to ISDC a list of Objects, Groups and Repositories that are known 2) ISDC scans the known repositories and classifies at the data element level using the capabilities mentioned above 3) ISDC updates and/or creates new groups in GDP with new information regarding sensitive data 4) ISDC then scans repositories unknown to GDP so GDP can protect them. This integration provides the best of both tools: ISDC to discover and classify sensitive data and GDP to protect and monitor sensitive data.

To learn more, and IBM Security are hosting a webinar on 10/25 which will be recorded for future consumption. Please reach out to us to get a demo!