1touch.io Sets New Standards in Data Discovery Accuracy and Throughput

Published On: November 29, 2023Categories: Blog

Insights from the Tolly Group Evaluation

In an era where digital transformation, cybersecurity, and AI/GenAI dominate business priorities, the complexities surrounding data privacy, governance, and compliance have intensified. These initiatives, while driving innovation and efficiency, also amplify the risks and demands of managing sensitive data. As data volume and complexity soar, alongside regulatory demands and security threats, organizations must adapt.

In this challenging environment, 1touch.io’s Inventa platform stands out, as demonstrated by the Tolly Group’s recent benchmark performance tests. It offers unparalleled data discovery and classification accuracy, speed, and scale, crucial for today’s evolving digital landscape.

Today’s post unpacks the details behind Tolly’s comprehensive benchmark evaluation.

1touch.io Inventa sets new gold standards in sensitive data discovery and classification accuracy and throughput at scale.

Topline Performance Summary


  • Structured Data: 98.6% accuracy in identifying sensitive data in databases
  • Unstructured Data: 100% accuracy in detecting sensitive data within text files


  • PostgreSQL Database: 2.5 GB/second
  • Unstructured Data (Files): 8 large .pdf files/second
  • OCR (Image Data): 286 images/hour
  • Email: 1.5 emails/second

Large-Scale Scanning:

  • Scanned large databases (over 60 million records) and file shares (over 700,000 files, nearly 1TB total)

Overview of the Tolly Group Evaluation

The Tolly Group, renowned for its testing and third-party validation services, conducted an in-depth evaluation of 1touch.io Inventa, a leading sensitive data intelligence platform. This rigorous assessment, commissioned by 1touch.io, focused on Inventa’s capabilities in sensitive data discovery and classification, particularly its accuracy and throughput in large-scale data environments.

“The Inventa platform by 1touch.io demonstrated its robust capabilities in managing significant volumes of data with high accuracy and speed. Such attributes are critical for effective data security and governance in today’s fast-paced and data-intensive enterprise environments.”

Kevin Tolly, founder of the Tolly Group

High Accuracy in Sensitive Data Identification

The Tolly report assessed 1touch.io Inventa’s performance in scanning structured (database) and unstructured (flat file) data, along with image data using OCR, and Microsoft Exchange emails.

The benchmark tests revealed market-leading accuracy:

  • Structured Data: 98.6% accuracy rate in identifying PII in a structured PostgreSQL database with over 60 million rows.
  • Unstructured Data: 100% accuracy in detecting sensitive data across 200 text files.

This accuracy is vital for organizations handling sensitive information, ensuring that compliance and security remain uncompromised.

1touch.io Inventa’s discovery accuracy rate stems from sophisticated algorithms that recognize a broad range of sensitive data indicators, patterns, anomalies, and specific data types. The platform’s customizable data identification rules enable it to adapt to the unique regulatory and policy requirements of any enterprise.

Inventa’s versatility across various data types—structured and unstructured data, images, and emails—ensures comprehensive coverage across different formats and sources.

Mastering Throughput at Scale

Tests focused on scanning “at scale” with datasets containing tens of millions of records and hundreds of thousands of files. Inventa demonstrated robust capabilities in managing large volumes while maintaining high accuracy and throughput.

Throughput benchmarks across databases, file shares, images, and emails showed Inventa’s efficiency:

  • Database Scanning: 60 million rows in 25 seconds.
  • File Share Handling: Over 700,000 files processed at the rate of 8 large .pdf files per second and 286 images per hour.
Data Type Throughput
PostgreSQL Database 2.5 GB/second
Unstructured Data (Files) 8 Files/second
OCR (Image Data) 286 Images/hour
Email 1.5 Emails/second
1touch.io Inventa’s benchmarked scanning performance across a variety of structured and unstructured data types.

These metrics underscore Inventa’s capacity to offer rapid data security and compliance insights, critical for maintaining a strong security posture in large environments. The platform’s architecture, designed for high-volume data processing and parallel processing capabilities boost throughput, making it suitable for growing data environments.

Real-time data processing is a key feature of Inventa, enabling prompt decision-making and rapid threat response, ensuring enterprises have the latest information readily available.

Machine Learning Optimization

1touch.io Inventa uses machine learning to refine its data discovery and classification processes, learning from each scan to enhance efficiency and accuracy. This forward-thinking approach ensures ongoing effectiveness against new types of data and security challenges. This feature is essential for dynamic environments where data is continuously updated, ensuring enterprises can maintain an up-to-date understanding of their data landscape.

What This Means for Modern Enterprises

The Tolly Group’s findings are highly significant for enterprises. 1touch.io Inventa sets a new industry benchmark in data discovery and classification making it a standout solution for enterprises committed to robust data security and compliance.

Its capabilities in handling large-scale, diverse data types with high accuracy and speed make it an essential tool for organizations seeking to strengthen their data security and compliance strategies.

Download the Tolly Group Report

For an in-depth understanding of the Tolly Group’s findings, access the full report. Explore how 1touch.io Inventa’s exceptional performance can elevate your data discovery and classification strategy.