1touch.io Launches Inventa 3.9 for Modern Hybrid Data Environments

Published On: February 14, 2024Categories: News

Special Valentine’s Day ‘Love Your Data’ Promotion Offers 90% Accuracy Guarantee Within 30 days or Next 90 Days Are Free

NEW YORK, NY—February 14, 2023—This Valentine’s Day, 1touch.io is redefining enterprises’ relationship with their data by announcing the launch of Inventa™ 3.9, the latest enhancement to its flagship sensitive data intelligence platform. Inventa 3.9 leverages Contextual AI and machine learning to provide total visibility across all data sources, ensuring accurate identification and classification of sensitive data for complex, hybrid data environments. This update sets new data discovery, classification, and governance benchmarks across cloud and on-premises settings.

Coinciding with the launch, 1touch.io is introducing the ‘Love Your Data’ promotion, designed to help enterprises fully embrace Inventa 3.9 in cloud environments. The promotion comes with the added assurance of an accuracy guarantee: achieve at least 90% accuracy within 30 days or receive the next 90 days free.

“With the complexity of today’s data environments, enterprises demand solutions that go beyond conventional boundaries to ensure robust data protection and governance. Inventa 3.9 embodies this next-level approach, offering total visibility and control,” stated Ashish Gupta, President and CEO of 1touch.io. “By illuminating every corner of the data landscape, including elusive shadow IT, Inventa empowers organizations to secure and manage their data more effectively, turning it into a strategic asset for growth and resilience.”

New capabilities in 1touch.io Inventa 3.9 include:

  • Comprehensive Cloud Shadow Discovery: This feature expands upon existing on-premises network discovery capabilities to automatically identify shadow IT within cloud environments and on-premises settings. Essential for navigating hybrid IT landscapes, it ensures total visibility across all data sources, significantly improving security and compliance postures.
  • Sophisticated Contextual Classification Techniques: Advanced classification methods, including image classification for embedded content and unsupervised unstructured data scanning without predefined models, improve the detection of sensitive data within complex data types, ensuring robust data protection and compliance.
  • Enhanced Extensibility with Smart Integrations: Integrations with leading governance platforms, including Alation, Collibra, Microsoft Purview, and OneTrust, simplify data operations, maintaining consistency and uniform data management across tools and environments. These integrations expedite organizational data projects, enhance responses to privacy requests, and ensure consistent labeling for automated governance.

‘Love Your Data’ Promotion

To commemorate the release of Inventa 3.9, 1touch.io is launching the ‘Love Your Data’ promotion to enhance cloud visibility. This limited-time offer gives organizations a hands-off approach to modern cloud deployment and includes 20 hours of white-glove services for four data source types. Supported by an accuracy guarantee of at least 90% within 30 days* or the next 90 days are free, the ‘Love Your Data’ promotion positions this Valentine’s Day as the ideal time for organizations to strengthen their data governance and security.

For more information about Inventa 3.9 and the ‘Love Your Data’ promotion, visit 1touch.io.

*30 days from when a root data asset is loaded into the system

About 1touch.io

1touch.io, a pioneer in sensitive data intelligence, is transforming data discovery and classification for Fortune 500 companies, ensuring data privacy, compliance, and governance. Our AI-driven platform, Inventa™, safeguards the data of over 500 million individuals worldwide, offering contextual intelligence for robust data protection and enhanced security posture. Through our strategic OEM partnership with IBM, Inventa is licensed and globally rebranded as IBM Security Discover and Classify, demonstrating its robustness in handling complex data challenges at a global scale.

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