1touch.io Inventa 3.5 Release!

Published On: June 6, 2023Categories: Blog
Google DLP configuration screen

,1touch.io is excited to announce the release of Inventa 3.5!

In our previous release, 3.4, we focused on new data sources and operational dashboards showcasing Business Context and performance statistics for unstructured data. The 3.5 release has two core themes:

1) We’ve officially partnered with ,Google Cloud so we’re releasing a GCP Marketplace Image where GCP customers can burn down their commit by purchasing Inventa, support for Gmail as a data source, and an integration with ,Google DLP to protect data in Google Workspace.

2) Inventa is leveraging its sensitive data intelligence to orchestrate protection for cloud data sources as a means of enabling proper posture management and data security best practices. The theme of cloud data security is demonstrated through an integration and partnership with ,Titaniam, a leading encryption vendor, to automatically encrypt single files in S3 that Inventa discovers thereby protecting data at the file-level and through our integration with Google DLP to protect files in Google Workspace.

In addition to the integrations and Google partnership, we’ve also added support for PST (Microsoft Outlook) files which is necessary in today’s world where emails are a main source of data sharing so organizations need visibility into sensitive data movement.

1touch.io has a company focus to make our solution as easy to use as possible. In version 3.5 we took this core value to the world of integrations where we’ve built easy configuration dashboards for Splunk and Google DLP. For both easy configuration dashboards, the user can simply provide Splunk instance information and define what data elements (e.g. SSN, passport number, birthday) to pass from Inventa to Splunk. This is especially useful to limit data ingestion to Splunk by only sharing the most critical data elements to reduce overall costs.

Splunk syslog integration

Finally, our amazing R&D team has built a visualization to show how data is flowing across the organization. This feature enables data, security, privacy and governance teams to select a data asset which provides business context (e.g. European Customers or US Employees) and a specific data element to see how far that data element has flowed across the organization. This enables users to quickly understand the breadth of how dispersed sensitive data is stored across the environment so proper controls can be put in place. We’re very excited about this feature since it’ll allow our users to easily understand their data posture on-prem and cloud.

Image showing how sensitive data flows across your data sources

Contact us to see a demo of Inventa 3.5 in action and tune in to our 3.5 webinar on June 22!

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