1touch.io Inventa 3.4 Release

Published On: May 9, 2023Categories: Blog

1touch.io, in collaboration with our customers and partners, are thrilled to announce the release of Inventa version 3.4!

In our last release we focused on two new use cases: Attack Surface Reduction to protect unstructured data and Secrets Discovery to provide visibility into secrets and cryptography being misused; 3.4 is focused on new data source integrations – a dozen new ones! In addition to adding major data sources like Snowflake, cloud sources, and HPE Nonstop support, 3.4 also adds new functionality to give the user additional insights into data source analyses.

The most popular data source coming from our customers and partners is Snowflake so we are pleased to release it as both a new data source and also a root data asset which is a core component of how Inventa can deliver accuracy of up to 96% out-of-the-box and 99%+ after using Supervised AI. The Snowflake integration is also noteworthy in that our incredible R&D and Innovation teams have delivered a connector that can scale to petabytes of data yet Inventa can easily scan Snowflake like any other data source. Scale and performance are part of our DNA.

In addition to Snowflake, 3.4 will also feature Azure SQL databases: MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL. On AWS we’ve added: MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

One of our largest partners, Comforte, has a strong business of protecting highly sensitive data on the HPE Nonstop system – primarily PCI data. We’re now pleased to support the HPE Nonstop system as a data source where Inventa can discover and classify sensitive data and in partnership with Comforte, they can provide protection in the form of tokenization or encryption.

1touch.io also has a strong partnership with IBM Security so in order to appeal to our joint customer and prospects, we’ve added support for IBM Informix. Finally, is support for Oracle Exadata.

The final feature which completes the 3.4 release is visibility into discovery and classification scans – including statistics and results – for CIFS (SMB), NFS, Amazon S3, and Box. This enables the user to understand scan performance, how scan performance improves over time as the system learns, files that may have been skipped, total data scanned and other descriptive statistics to illuminate Inventa’s performance.

Contact us to see a demo of Inventa 3.4 in action and tune in to our 3.4 webinar on May 23!