1touch.io Inventa 3.3 Release

Published On: March 10, 2023Categories: Blog

1touch.io is excited to release Inventa version 3.3! This version includes new use case functionality to solve major enterprise challenges, additional data sources, and infrastructure improvements for more flexible usage.

New data sources: Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Teams, and Denodo

Infrastructure improvements: Red Hat Openshift support, filtering for SQL data sources, data element tagging, and more!

Use case 1: Attack surface reduction

Organizations struggle to understand the age and last modified date of their data. 33% of enterprise data is considered redundant, obsolete, or trivial according to a Veritas report. Not only is this costly to hold, or migrate this data to the cloud, but it is also increasingly risky. Why hold and protect data that hasn’t been used in 5, 10 or 15 years? If it isn’t useful, then retire the data – delete, backup, or move to cold storage.

With 1touch.io Inventa’s new Attack Surface Reduction dashboard, CISOs and Risk Executives can simply see both the age of their sensitive files and the last date modified to understand if the file is being used. Then, in order to action this information, they can click into the graph to get a list of the old files which can be exported to the right tools that may take action on that data.

Use case 2: Cryptographic Secrets Discovery

The rise of quantum computers will render much of the existing cryptographic algorithms useless, including RSA, AES 128, ECC, Diffie Helman and others. This is a major threat to any organization holding sensitive data (any enterprise, govt, hospital, etc.). The U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) has been evaluating algorithms that can withstand quantum computers and recently selected four for PKI and digital signatures. As a result, proactive organizations want to discover, classify, and inventory their existing crypto so they can prioritize what to replace and are asking for solutions to help do this.

1touch.io Inventa 3.3 now has the capability to find secrets and cryptographic assets in storage. Examples include:

  • type of secret (key, token, credentials, etc.)
  • crypto function (MD2/5, SHA, HMAC, etc.)
  • crypto algorithm (DSA, EC, DES, AES, CMS, etc.)
  • length of encryption key (128 bits, 256 bits, etc.)

With our classification search, the user can easily filter to find “128 bit keys” or “DES” to create a simple inventory of vulnerable encryption in their environment. Then, with a single click, the list can be exported to the relevant tools – ServiceNow, SIEM, SOAR – for remediation.

Contact us to see a demo of Inventa 3.3 in action!