1touch.io Google Cloud Integration Enhances Cloud Data Visibility and Security

Published On: August 24, 2023Categories: News

The 1touch.io Google Cloud integration offers comprehensive insights into sensitive data being stored, processed and analyzed across Google Cloud repositories to enable the proper, secure and privacy-compliant usage of data across the enterprise.


1touch.io, a pioneer in Sensitive Data Intelligence, today announced it is working with Google Cloud to offer comprehensive insights into sensitive data being stored, processed, and analyzed across Google Cloud repositories to enable the proper, secure and privacy-compliant usage of data across the enterprise. The integration of 1touch.io Inventa with Google Cloud’s prominent data stores, including BigQuery, it’s SQL databases, and Google Workspace gives organizations enhanced visibility into their structured and unstructured data while leveraging 1touch.io’s sensitive data intelligence to enforce security measures in Google Cloud Data Loss Prevention.

Comprehensive Insights into Sensitive Data

The integration addresses the growing needs of security, risk, and governance decision makers responsible for managing vast amounts of data migrating to the cloud. By enabling IT teams to confidently monitor the storage and usage of sensitive data, they can ensure a seamless migration of workloads to Google Cloud. Google Cloud customers can easily deploy 1touch.io Inventa via Google Cloud Marketplace, optimizing their cloud experience while utilizing available credits.

Confidently manage and migrate vast data reserves to the cloud

For instance, a joint Fortune 500 Insurance customer has adopted BigQuery as its modern cloud data lake. The organization faced challenges with the rapid addition of data pipelines to BigQuery, making it difficult for security and governance teams to maintain adequate controls. By integrating 1touch.io Inventa, the company now has full visibility into trillions of records on BigQuery, ensuring the implementation of robust security and governance. Moreover, with support for Workspace, the collaboration between 1touch.io and Google Cloud offers comprehensive visibility into structured data, unstructured data, and SaaS applications hosted on Google Cloud, providing optimal protection.

“Google Cloud has been a wonderful partner for us as we expand our operations following our successful Series B fundraise. Through these integrations, together we will bring additional layers of security and governance to the broader Google Cloud customer base,” stated Zak Rubinstein, CEO and Cofounder of 1touch.io. “For organizations undergoing cloud migrations, data visibility is a growing concern, both in the cloud and traditional data centers. The ability to migrate data to Google Cloud with proper controls and enhanced cloud posture via our integration with Google Data Loss Prevention will be a game-changer for security-conscious organizations. We look forward to working with Google Cloud to further our mission to deliver sensitive data intelligence to security, risk and governance teams across the enterprise.”

About 1touch.io

1touch.io is a leading provider of Sensitive Data Intelligence solutions, empowering organizations to discover, manage, and protect their most critical data. With innovative technology and deep expertise in data privacy and security, 1touch.io helps businesses proactively address data risks and compliance challenges across the enterprise.