1touch.io + Anjuna: Next-Gen Solutions to Enduring

Published On: April 20, 2023Categories: Blog
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Data security is not a new discipline. The first known usage of cryptography was in 1900 BC at the tomb of the nobleman Khnumhotep II, in Egypt. Fast forward a few thousand years and in 2023 the fundamentals of data security have not changed.

Step 1) find and understand the data worth protecting

Step 2) prioritize what to protect

Step 3) protect the data by whichever means are most appropriate

Easier said than done…ask any CISO or Risk Executive and they’ll corroborate. It isn’t necessarily that the challenge exists in the steps above, it’s often that the sheer volume of data in question is so overwhelming – stored on prem, mainframe and in cloud repositories – and is growing exponentially that it turns into a game of whack-a-mole.

It’s these very challenges that led to the partnership between 1touch.io and Anjuna Security to drive data-aware security. Anjuna Security is the leading Confidential Computing software which enables hardware-based security guarantees and end-to-end encryption, including in memory, to protect data while at rest, in motion, and in-use. Today, all the major clouds provide Confidential Computing infrastructure which can be easily utilized for transformation, agility and innovation without security, trust and privacy roadblocks.

By combining 1touch.io’s sensitive data intelligence with Anjuna’s Confidential Computing solution, organizations will have full visibility into their sensitive workloads so they know exactly what needs to be moved to the secure enclave to keep it secure and isolated from attack in the cloud. As organization’s move away from threat detection due to the massive volume of threats and begin adopting preventative measures, this partnership becomes that much more important since data classification and intelligence will drive what workloads are encapsulated by Anjuna’s solution.

Some of the use cases driving this partnership include lift and shift of workloads and applications to the cloud/cloud migration, securing sensitive analytics data and ML algorithms, cryptographic discovery and vulnerability, and highly regulated data protection – like PII or trade secrets.

“We’re very excited about this partnership of two leading startups in their respective fields: 1touch.io in sensitive data intelligence and classification and Anjuna in privacy-enhancing technologies. The Anjuna solution is a game changer for organizations who are struggling with refactoring code which is limiting their move to the cloud. Couple Anjuna’s capabilities with 1touch.io’s sensitive data intelligence and organization’s will have a clear understanding and process by which they can easily protect their most important assets,” said Itzhak Assaraf, Cofounder and CTO of 1touch.io.

“Sensitive data concerns in the Cloud are still the number one problem for regulated organizations blocked on cloud transformation initiatives. With our partnership, security leaders can quickly get on top of understanding data risks while simultaneously changing the application and data security game with a Confidential Computing approach. Enterprises can finally achieve full trust, control and protection of sensitive code and data in the cloud – isolated from external attack, enterprise insiders, and the clouds themselves to embrace its full power for agility, collaboration, and innovation but without ever-present liability concerns,” said Mark Bower, Vice President of Product Management at Anjuna Security.

Please join Jesse Sedler, VP of Products at 1touch.io and Mark Bower, VP of Product Management at Anjuna Security as they discuss their joint solution in more detail during a free webinar scheduled for Apr 20, 2023, starting at 10:00 am PST.

Register for the webinar here and please reach out to learn more!