1touch.io and IBM Security Announce Agreement to Expand Delivery of Advanced Data Discovery and Clas

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1touch.io Inventa, a leading sensitive data discovery and classification solution, to be offered as IBM Security Discover and Classify

New York, NY – 2 November  20211touch.io, provider of Inventa™, an AI-based sustainable data discovery and classification platform for sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) data, announced today that it and IBM Security have entered into an OEM partnership to offer the Inventa platform as IBM Security Discover and Classify later this month. This will enable IBM Security to continue to bring advanced sensitive PII data discovery and classification for data-at-rest and data-in-motion to the market, helping to solve customers’ toughest data security and data privacy challenges. IBM Security chose 1touch.io Inventa, because of its PII data discovery capabilities and ability to deliver a holistic view into an organization’s PII usage at scale.  Until the launch of IBM Security Discover and Classify, IBM will continue to act as a reseller of Inventa.

1touch.io Inventa was positioned in the Major Players category in the 2021 IDC MarketScape for worldwide data privacy management software. “Data visibility continues to be a blind spot for many organizations,” said Ryan O’Leary, research manager, Privacy and Legal Technology at IDC. “There is strong and growing market demand for automated data discovery and classification tools that scan for sensitive data across both cloud and on-premises environments and to provide organizations with a single source of data truth, and 1touch.io is well-positioned to satisfy that demand.”

Other sensitive data discovery and classification solutions bet on organizations already having an idea of what data sources to scan in the hunt for sensitive data. But the reality is that many organizations do not know this information at all — and it can lead to gaps in visibility and major security breaches,” said Zak Rubenstein, CEO of 1touch.io. “The relationship between 1touch.io and IBM Security can help customers eliminate these blind spots.”

“Data discovery and classification can be foundational to effective security and privacy programs. Organizations can’t effectively and efficiently protect sensitive personal data that they don’t already know about. And, in this era of growing privacy regulations including GDPR, CCPA, and other emerging legislation on the horizon, it is critical for companies to have visibility and controls over this sensitive data,” said Wes Gyure, Director of Product Management for Data, Identity, Fraud and Privacy at IBM Security. “The announcement today of the upcoming launch of the Inventa platform as IBM Security Discover and Classify will augment our security suite with a robust data visibility solution with automated discovery and classification aimed to help keep sensitive data secured and assist in building a security and compliance program that can address legislative issues.”

Unlike legacy data discovery tools that rely on users to tell them where to look, 1touch.io Inventa employs a network-based approach that detects data repositories – both structured and unstructured – that may contain sensitive PII. Inventa then validates the potential unknown PII it finds against known PII data assets like customer and employee lists. This can help reduce the number of false-positive instances of PII. Inventa supplies data security and data privacy teams with actionable insights into the organization’s PII footprint in near real-time, which can help save time and money and address regulatory risk.

1touch.io Inventa will infuse IBM Security Discover and Classify with a zero-trust, sustainable, network-based approach to the discovery and mapping of sensitive data assets, including “unknown unknown” PII data. The actionable insights and business context that 1touch.io Inventa can provide about sensitive data are critical to many data management, data security, and data privacy use cases, including data minimization initiatives, post-breach and ransomware response, data loss prevention (DLP) efforts, and SIEM and SOAR systems. The agreement between 1touch.io Inventa and IBM will enable IBM Security to provide a modern data discovery and classification platform as part of its offerings that can inform data activity monitoring, compliance, and risk remediation activities in IBM Security Guardium, IBM’s own leading data security solution. Guardium is a pillar in IBM’s zero trust framework and was integrated into the IBM Cloud Pak for Security—an open, integrated security platform—in May 2021.

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1touch.io offers Inventa, a solution that delivers a fully autonomous, holistic and up-to-date view into an organization’s PII data usage. Inventa creates actionable insights that enhance an organization’s ability to reduce security and regulatory risk and reduce or eliminate manual effort spent on cybersecurity solutions. U.S.-headquartered and Israeli-based, 1touch.io founders have 20 years of experience developing successful networking and security technologies and bringing them to market. 1touch.io combines proven, cutting-edge technology from the fields of unique personal data discovery and dynamic network element discovery that is leveraged in some of the most demanding environments in the world. Follow 1touch.io on LinkedIn.

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