Unlock Your Data’s Full Potential with 1touch.io’s Exclusive “Love Your Data” Promotion

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, it’s time to show some love to your business partner that never lets you down – your data! It’s the backbone of every decision, strategy, and growth opportunity. But are you truly harnessing its power? With 1touch.io, it’s time you did.

Discover our “Love Your Data” promotion

Diverse Data Types: Choose up to four data types, including Microsoft O365, Amazon S3, Google, Azure, Amazon RDS, SaaS, Snowflake, and more, to suit your needs.

Cloud Flexibility: Deploy on your preferred virtual private cloud – be it Google Cloud Platform (GCP) VM Image, Azure VM Image, Amazon Web Services (AWS) VM Image, or Kubernetes K8 Cloud Infrastructure—for unmatched adaptability.

Expert Setup and Training: Benefit from our professional setup and training, including 20 hours of professional services and the Inventa Admin Training Badge certification.

The 1touch.io Promise: We guarantee a minimum of 90% accuracy within the first 30 days, or we offer the next 90 days free*.

*Terms apply. The 90% accuracy guarantee commences once a root data asset is integrated and training models are established.

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Limited-time promotion valid through the end of Q2 2024.

Ready to take your data relationship to the next level? Contact our sales team today for more details and let 1touch.io help you fall back in love with your data.