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In finance, data is the differentiator. To a consumer, most banking options look the same. How can you stand out? By providing rich, personalized, and frictionless experiences. But creating these exceptional experiences takes PII, and lots of it too. As the ability to turn data into usable insights grows, financial services are collecting more of it than ever—and have never been more at risk. Cyber threats to financial services increase year-on-year and are among the greatest challenges facing the industry. Financial services are subject to strict regulations to keep all the data they hold in-check.

Percent of total malware attacks targeted the financial sector:


Inventa enables financial services to adhere to industry best practices to:

  • Enable cost-effective, business-intelligent solutions
  • Get real-time and accurate visibility into PII-related data
  • Achieve compliance for CCPA, GDPR, PCI, and more
  • Manage security risk with data governance seamlessly
  • Overcome the challenges and costs associated with manual data discovery and processing
  • Accomplish dynamic data discovery and catalog of your sensitive and protected data into a PII Inventory and a Master Data catalog

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According to Goldman Sachs’ Takashi Suwabe, “Access to new types of data, along with the ability to capture and process that data quickly, has given us new ways to capture investment themes such as momentum, value, profitability, and sentiment.”

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