Secure Your Data Science Projects and Enhance Time to Insight with AI-Powered Sensitive Data Intelligence

Organizations are increasingly harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to extract valuable insights from vast data volumes. However, the inclusion of sensitive data in AI algorithms without proper management poses significant security risks. While traditional data catalogs handle structured data well, effective AI models require training on unstructured data such as text, emails, and images.

Lack of awareness about the sensitivity of unstructured data hinders AI model development, exposes organizations to compliance risks, and causes delays in obtaining valuable insights.

How We Help Inventa enables organizations to securely leverage their entire data estate, including sensitive structured and unstructured data, in AI analytics projects while maintaining robust security controls. By providing comprehensive visibility into data sensitivity and classification, Inventa facilitates quick and secure access for data scientists, resulting in faster time to insight.

Seamlessly integrating with existing data catalogs and governance tools, Inventa unifies structured and unstructured data for greater AI-driven insights that balance usability and security. By providing location, classification, and insights about the sensitivity of training data to existing catalogs and governance tools, Inventa helps data scientists to train AI algorithms confidently, eliminating unnecessary delays.

Leveraging advanced AI-ML algorithms, Inventa accurately identifies and classifies sensitive information within unstructured data sources, such as documents, PDFs, and emails. It ensures the implementation of appropriate security controls, safeguarding personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property (IP), and confidential documents through precise classification, granular filtering, and data sensitivity assessments.

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